Marco Bicego

Portrait of Marco Bicego

Tradition, research, innovation. These are only some of the unique values of Marco Bicego, a company that has its roots in Vicenza’s jewelry district, in Trissino, where it was born in 2000. “Everyday luxury” is the strong point of the firm, which produces jewels characterized by elegance and timeless design, suitable for everyday life as well as the most important occasions.

Multicoloured cocktail ring, Africa collection

My production – says Marco Bicego – is mainly made of yellow gold and this is an aspect that distinguishes us. In fact, one of the challenges that I believe I have won in these twenty years of activity is precisely that of communicating the beauty of yellow gold reinterpreted with a modern touch.” The passion of the Venetian entrepreneur, that he inherited from his father, and which he has always perceived as a mission, clearly emerges from his words: “My job has always been a vocation for me, and I had the privilege of being able to apply it from a very young age in my father’s company. I represent the second generation, I remember very well the days I spent on the workbench. It was there that I realized that this would be my path.” For this reason, craftsmanship plays a central role: Marco Bicego’s jewels are handcrafted by highly experienced master craftsmen, some of whom are the sons of specialized professionals who worked in his father’s company. “It is very interesting to note how the artisans’ know-how is handed down from generation to generation.” And in the continuous search for new talents to be included in the company, Marco Bicego is attentive to three characteristics in particular: “Intuition, versatility and determination”.

Artisan at work

In the same way, Bicego is attentive to everything that surrounds him that represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration. “My sources of inspiration are the organic forms of nature, the beauty of 18-karat yellow gold and colored gems. A jewel is a small treasure to be handed down, it creates a bond whose value goes far beyond the object itself, which is why I try to get inspiration from simple and essential shapes that make every single creation an ever-present jewel, as beautiful as it was the first day. It can take from a few weeks to several years to complete a piece, from the initial idea to the final result. My jewels are easy to wear and versatile, and they can be combined according to the personal taste of the woman who will wear them. I think this is the reason why collections like Lunaria, Africa or my first creation, Marrakech, are still so much requested and loved nowadays.”

Double-band bangle, Lunaria collection

And the Marrakech collection immediately brings to mind the exclusive Coil manufacturing, a symbol of the company all over the world, which recently turned twenty. “It is a sort of ‘fil rouge’ that leads back home, a tribute to craftsmanship, to authentic Made in Italy and to jewelry, conceived as a real work of art.” The iconic Coil represents tradition and modernity at the same time. “I was still working in my father’s company when I saw a chain discarded due to a defect, ready to be recast. The idea was born at that time. That chain expressed a new concept of beauty: it was irregular, deliberately imperfect, unique. Over time I have experimented with new manufacturing techniques and refined my personal taste, now we intend to emphasize our author techniques.”

Orecchini chandelier con ovali concentrici e diamanti, collezione Marrakech Onde
Chandelier earrings with concentric ovals and diamonds, Marrakech Onde collection

When Marco Bicego imagines the woman who will wear his creations, he tells of a woman with a strong personality, style and elegance. “Like my wife Valentina. She is certainly one of the greatest inspirations when I create my designs. It often happens that, even if we own many jewels, we become fond of that piece that has a special value for us and we always wear it. I want this for my creations: I dream that they can be something special for the wearer.”

The bond with the territory, craftsmanship and tradition is fundamental for Marco Bicego, and for this reason he is constantly committed to conveying these values, while looking at future and innovation. “We are constantly looking for new aesthetics and new techniques, always being careful to combine them with our savoir-faire, developed over many years of research in the goldsmith sector and so characteristic of the brand.”

Mesh bracelet with diamonds, Marrakech Onde collection

And to continually innovate, while remaining faithful to traditions, what to do? “Since before the pandemic there has been a great commitment on our side towards the idea of ​​evolving, especially from a digital point of view, to become more and more a company that has its roots firmly in the past but that is also aimed at future generations. To successfully combine the past, present and future.”

Artisan at work