Milano Jewelry Week 2023: interview with Marine Billet, winner of BEST IN CREATIVITY

Marine Billet, Founder Incarnem, is the talented winner of the BEST IN CREATIVITY Award, created by Laura Inghirami for Milano Jewelry Week 2023 to support and enhance the best talents selected according to the criteria of originality, emotion, story to tell, and innovation from a stylistic and technical point of view.

The winning jewel of BEST IN CREATIVITY: Metal glove, part of the collection “secondes peaux”

Tell us more about how your story in this industry began.

 I started as an architect. After graduating, I started working but I realized that that wasn’t my path, I needed to express my creativity more. So I decided to enroll in a jewelry school in Paris, and I immersed myself in the world of contemporary jewelry, where I was finally completely free to experiment with fantasy, shapes, and materials. I learned on my own how to mold, and I discovered that is a great passion of mine. After two years of study, I started working as a Jewelry Maker for some fashion houses, and at the same time, I created my own collection. My first creations were inspired by Paris. At the very beginning, my mindset was still very linked to architecture, so I walked around the city with silicone in my bag to collect different architectural details of the city that I loved, even the most hidden ones, and then transform them into jewels. And I made them eternal, because my jewels are timeless.

So the passion for the world of jewelry arose spontaneously… 

Yes exactly. My grandmother and my mother have always loved jewelry and always wear statement jewelry, such as fashion or vintage jewelry: they were a great inspiration to me, so I started from an early age to be passionate about things that were “golden and sparkling”. I started collecting vintage jewelry, like Christian Lacroix jewelry, which I adore. I have always wanted to create my own jewelry collection.

Collier Main De Cariatide

What does the symbol of the hand mean?

The hand has a profound meaning for me: it represents my first tool of creativity, so I admire it and take care of it. I am also fascinated by the story that people’s hands tell: they can reveal a lot about each of us, and show the signs of time.

 Is there a direct connection between you and who will wear your jewel? 

When I create the jewel I always meet the person who will wear it, I discover people’s stories and what they want to communicate. I always create a connection with my clients, to the point that we often develop a friendship.

How did you feel when you were called to the stage at the Awarding Night of Milan Jewelry Week to receive the BEST IN CREATIVITY award from Laura Inghirami?

I felt very surprised and excited. I am building everything on my own and I launched my site just a week ago, so this award was a great encouragement for me, I realized that I am following the right path. I am really happy because this is exactly the award that represents me because it represents creativity.

How would you define your experience at Milano Jewelry Week?

I would define it as a very positive and stimulating experience. Here I had the opportunity to meet many other artists of different generations, and it is always nice to meet other stories, sensibilities, and creativity, even very different ones. I got to make friendships that could last forever.

What is the best memory you will take with you from this experience at Milan Jewelry Week when you return to Paris?

The Awarding Night was a wonderful moment, I didn’t expect to win the award. I will carry this memory with me, as well as the memory of all the special people I met during this experience.

Of all your creations, which is the one you are most fond of?

 For sure, Le Doigt Articulè. It is a statement jewel that is at the same time easy to wear. I wear it all the time, even when I work, and it is extremely comfortable. After much research and experimentation, I created a perfect piece of jewelry that has now become my favorite.

Le Doigt Articulé

What was your dream when you were a child?

I remember wanting to do something that had deep meaning and follow my passion. To date, having transformed my passion into my job is like living what I have always dreamed of.

And what is your biggest dream for the future to date?

My biggest dream would be to be invited to galleries and art venues all over the world. I love meeting people, understanding their stories and what they want, and being able to transform their dreams into jewels through my empathy and creativity.

What would you like to recommend to the young generations of artists and designers who want to enter this sector? 

My advice is to always follow your own identity, don’t compare yourself to others, and always believe in your uniqueness. Trust your emotions and your intuition and keep going on without any doubt!