Giulia Lentini

Giulia Lentini, Founder of Giulia Lentini

The young entrepreneur Giulia Lentini founded the homonymous brand Giulia Lentini in 2014, which is characterized by craftsmanship and a strong passion for goldsmith traditions, the same passion that pushed Giulia to abandon her academic path in Interior Design to pursue a career in jewelry. Her creations, vehicles for channeling art and creativity, have sea and nature as the main sources of inspiration.

What sparked your passion for jewelry?

It all started when I was a child, as a game. Since I was very young, I enjoyed playing with beads, weaving threads, and creating necklaces and bracelets with charms. I have always kept the small box of tools I used to create and the tweezers I used to open rings to link chains and pendants. Today, among the tools on my workbench, are the same pliers. As a young girl, my friends gave me jewelry that needed repairing, and I took care of it with great enthusiasm, but most of all, I loved creating jewelry of my invention. Several years later, when I realized it could become my full-time job, I welcomed this world and never left it.

Embrace necklace

How impactful was your training path and the territory where it took place?

I approached the world of jewelry, as I intend it today, by chance. I used to love assembling jewelry but I never thought it could become a profession. One day in September, while I was still attending my fourth year of high school, I found out about an evening goldsmithing course, and I did not hesitate to sign up. Subsequently, I began searching for an academic program to enroll in, but it was challenging to find a comprehensive course compatible with my financial means. Luckily, an experienced goldsmith allowed me to assist and support him in his workshop. I had the opportunity to observe and experiment, following his advice. This opportunity quickly turned into the fastest and most effective way of learning. Furthermore, being close to Milan was essential, as all the suppliers who allowed me to take my first steps in the industry were located there. Additionally, Milan had all the advantages that a big city offers. When I turned 20, I moved to Vicenza, where I lived for two years and attended a professional course; this city was also pivotal in my path. Later, I returned to Milan, where I worked for a company for two years. Then, I decided to take the plunge and open my own business, but after a couple of years, I realized that this lifestyle did not match my expectations. I moved with my partner between Lakes Maggiore, Orta, and the Piedmont mountains, transferring almost the entire activity online.

Giulia Lentini, Sea earrings

What does manufacturing a jewel represent to you?

Making a jewel represents turning emotions, concepts, and moments into physical, tiny sculptures by balancing shapes and volumes in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. I consider it particularly important to conceive the jewel as a sculpture: aesthetically fascinating not only when it is worn, but also when it is admired without the support of the person wearing it.

Which jewel represents your personality the most?

The Tangle ring is the jewel that most represents my personality. The latest collection is inspired by all the many paths and parts hidden inside me, which intertwine with each other, drawing what seems like a net of paths, all different from each other. It represents me: a plethora of contrasting thoughts, which, however, find harmony.

Tangle rings, Intrecci collection

You mentioned tree leaves and sea waves as main sources of inspiration: how important are nature and territory as inspirations in your collections?

Nature and territory are essential elements in my creations. By observing the world around me, and drawing inspiration from nature, my greatest teacher, I can reinterpret shapes and mold them into matter. I left the city to move to a small town in the Piedmont mountains, surrounded by the greenery of trees and the sound of the streams. I could not have made a better choice, and my creative output has improved. All my past collections draw inspiration from elements belonging to the natural world, primarily invisible characteristics of the sea: corals, the underwater world, and rocks shaped by winds and currents. However, with the Intrecci collection, I decided to put myself to the test and tackle an abstract theme: no physical representations of something that already exists, no shapes to reinterpret. It was more challenging, but the result was highly satisfactory.

How do you picture your brand in the future, and what is your biggest dream?

 Amongst my dreams, the biggest is always to receive new stimuli, inspirations, and challenges. My vision for the future is to carry forward my working method: slow work, based on a human scale, characterized by simplicity and a perpetual desire to create.

Giulia Lentini, artisanal jewelry