Fabiola Cangialosi

Fabiola Cangialosi, Founder of Nastro

Fabiola Cangialosi is the young entrepreneur who founded Nastro with her uncle Roberto, following in her family’s footsteps and in particular her grandfather, who passed on to her the passion for the goldsmith tradition. Nastro’s collections draw inspiration from the family’s historic jewelry creations. They are re-reinterpreted in a new fashion, bringing life to jewels that speak of modernity, history, and the future.

How did your passion for the world of jewelry arise?

Thanks to the family business, I was lucky to grow up in a jewelry store surrounded by goldsmiths and gemology experts. It was almost impossible not to be enchanted by it: since I was young, I had been told about the wonders of the world of diamonds and goldsmith art, and from then on, I could no longer do without. Jewelry has always been part of me, and today this passion manifests itself through the continuous desire to seek out new, unique, and special pieces, with an intense meaning that can last over time, just like gold. I would like to remember my grandfather in particular: when I was seven, he created a small case in the jewelry store where I could display my creations. Ever since then, I knew that this was my path. To this day, I can say that this is my destiny.

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What was your academic background?

Initially, my passion for art, fashion, and the world of design led to a classical academic path, which allowed me to delve deeper into the history and origins of what I loved most. Subsequently, I chose to study Fashion Styling at the Istituto Marangoni, to further develop my skills with a Master’s in Digital Marketing at Sole24Ore Business School: from there, I began my first work experiences, starting in New York City in the world of celebrity styling, and then moving to Milan where I was able to put my skills into practice in the fields of trend forecasting, digital marketing, and styling. At this point, I thought I had all the credentials to start my project.

How do you celebrate your family’s story today?

Nastro is totally inspired by my family history and everything that my grandparents, uncles, and parents created. The brand continues to be a family business: my uncle Roberto and I carry on the project together. Specifically, the objective was precisely to reinterpret in a modern and fashionable way all the jewels that I considered most iconic on an aesthetic level and most intense on an emotional level, without losing that vintage allure that distinguishes every single piece: it’s a bit how to continue to tell their story, my story, just a little bigger.

What is the meaning of “NASTRO”?

The name “NASTRO” recalls a bow, a detail that stands out. It arose above all from the desire to tell the story of a jewel designed to stand out thanks to its bold 80s aesthetic and the intense and secret meaning that each amulet of the brand carries with it. In this case, the name “NASTRO” becomes emblematic; one can, in fact, interpret the Nastro jewel as a real “topping”, a cherry on top of the cake, a final touch, like a “ribbon” on a package.

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What are the values and mission of the brand?

The values ​​and objectives of the brand reflect what it has always represented and still represents a true jewel to me. Through Nastro’s creations, I wish to bring unique, meaningful jewels back to life: uniqueness is the primary factor to me, this is why the collection takes inspiration from a story or a person that is very important to me. Furthermore, gold is a precious and long-lasting material, a real investment destined to last over time. I want everyone to join the “gold club”, allowing them to understand that they are purchasing a jewel that will last forever. I then want to bring the concept of timeless elegance back to life: how can you not love a piece that’s an evergreen? Nastro was born to find the perfect combination of design, quality, and the infinite desire to wear a jewel again and again, towards fashion and beyond.

Is there a jewel that you are particularly fond of?

When dealing with jewels that take inspiration from a personal story, it is always challenging to choose just one. Still, it is impossible for me not to mention the jewel that started this amazing project: the T+AMO pendant. Born between the 70s and 80s and designed by my grandfather, this rebus pendant represents a real secret message to give to those you love: rich in meaning, precious, and intriguing, it is a rebus of love, a confidence to always carry with you. Not a simple “I love you”, but a manifesto of eternal love to declare also and, above all, to oneself.

T+AMO pendant

How do you imagine the future of Nastro?

I imagine a bright and lasting future for Nastro, just like gold! I wish the brand will continue to expand and innovate, maintaining a solid connection with the tradition and uniqueness that distinguish it. I want each new Nastro product to become part of an increasingly significant world that inspires new ways of conceiving jewelry: born from the past, reinterpreted with contemporary styles, and destined to last.

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