the first, great discovery of a new gem in the 21st century

AFRICA – Here is the great discovery of the 21st century: Aquaprase™, the new “super gem”, found eight years ago by Yianni Melas, known as Gem Explorer. A gem which has remained secret throughout human history before revealing itself and fascinating us with its extraordinary beauty.

Imagine a wonderful African landscape. The scorching heat, the golden soil, the clear blue sky. A controversial land, in whose aridity we can find some of the most magnificent works of art that nature has ever created. And here is where Yianni Melas could admire Aquaprase™ for the first time. Defined by Vogue as “Indiana Jones of modern times”, since always a great lover of gems, Gem Explorer is a true pioneer. “Name a country rich in gems and Melas has probably been there.” His mission has always been extremely noble: indeed, he is an activist who fights in defense of the human rights of the African communities with whom he has built a very deep relationship, based on friendship and loyalty. This is why Melas has always taken care of the most vulnerable, training them on the wonderful gems mined in their land, a great wealth capable of providing employment, food and care for many local families, and fighting against suffocating political corruption and exploitation. “When you return (after a gem material is discovered), you see the kids getting their medicine and families that can now afford to help their kids – that’s the story the people in the jewelry stores don’t hear about.”

Throughout his outstanding career, he has been instructor at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and he has worked with high-profile names such as Swarovski, as Personal Consultant to Helmut Swarovski, and Lev Leviev, where he was CEO of Business Development, contributing to the development of the industry in Botswana, with the goal of creating employment and empowerment for the local population. And then, in 2013, the great event: the discovery that fascinated the whole world. Today Melas has founded Yianni Melas Jewelry™, and he designs and creates his jewelry inspired by the many trips and experiences around the world.

It was like, it wanted to be discovered but stayed elusive”, this is how Melas described Aquaprase™, with the same ardor of the soul he had on that glorious day. The gem is a translucent bluish-green variety of chalcedony, whose colors come from chromium and nickel. “Although chalcedony varieties such as chrysoprase and gem silica are well known and occur in yellowish green and greenish blue colors, the color of this material was distinctly different from any African chalcedony examined by GIA to date.” the Gemological Institute of America stated.

A gem which recalls far-away lands, distant stories and paradisiacal beauty. A gem that is always different, unique and unrepeatable in all its forms, which enchants with incomparable splendor. “A mere touch of Aquaprase™ is bliss, it gives you the unexplainable inner happiness no other gem offers.” My sincere wish is for this beauty and joy to mark this upcoming year, for a brighter future, full of color and rich in hope.

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