Andrea Taricchi, Leonardo Borghesi, and Samuele Rosi

Andrea Taricchi, Leonardo Borghesi, and Samuele Rosi, Co-Founders of Fersera

Andrea Taricchi, Leonardo Borghesi, and Samuele Rosi are the young Founders of Fersera, a jewelry brand from Arezzo. Fersera aims to bring innovation to the world of jewelry, introducing creations that arose from the love for Arezzo’s goldsmith traditions and the beauty of the Tuscan territory, combined with innovation in terms of style, technology, and sustainability. The result? The path towards “a new era”.

Andrea, Samuele, and Leonardo, what drove you to follow an entrepreneurial path in the world of jewelry?

Fersera’s mission is to create Art Jewelry using processes and materials that do not impact the planet, bringing the beauty, passion, pure craftsmanship, and tradition of the historic city of gold, which is our city Arezzo, into a new era. “Bringing a New Era” is not just our claim, it is our dream, a dream that lasts a lifetime.

What is Fersera’s mission?

Fersera’s mission is to create Design Jewelry, through specific processes and selected materials, that do not harm the planet, allowing for beauty, passion, pure craftsmanship, and traditions from Arezzo, historic city of gold, to enter a new era. “Bringing a New Era” is not just our motto, it is our dream, a dream that will endure a lifetime.

Sculptura Triangle Gold earrings

Arezzo, historic city of gold, is a source of inspiration for Fersera: what exactly does it mean to you? 

Arezzo is the cradle that gave light to the brand, it is an open-air craft school that has inspired our creations since we started this journey. Additionally, manufacturing component aside, it is a city of priceless artistic and historical value: every corner can be a source of inspiration and spark a creative concept to create a jewel.

Fersera is characterized by its sustainable approach: how much does sustainability impact the production of your collections?

Sustainability represents a focal point in the development of new models, starting from the choice of alloy we use, which is entirely recycled and made up of 13% palladium, resulting in our pieces being more endurable and removing the necessity to use galvanic treatments in the white and satin white versions, decreasing the environmental impact. We follow a “Sustainability-first” approach, from the jewelry production to the packaging, with cloth bags made from recycled fibers, the shipping boxes, and the visual displayers for our jewelry in shops and concept store.

Erato earrings

It is said that “unity is strength”: how important is the ability to collaborate and work within a team for Fersera? And what role does each of you hold within the company?

Undoubtedly, unity is strength, especially in a young, new reality such as ours. We have all been longtime friends, and affinity is a characteristic that allows us to collaborate at best towards a common goal. Samuele oversees the brand’s marketing and e-commerce, Leonardo follows the commercial area, whilst Andrea monitors the product design.

Is there a jewel that you are particularly attached to?

Since the beginning of the project, two years ago, we have been able to create many jewels, and each of us has become fond of one. Andrea is particularly attached to the Triangle Earrings Gold from the Sculptura collection, Samuele to the Late Night Silver necklace, and Leonardo to one of our absolute best sellers, the Erato Small Silver.

Late Night Silver & Gold necklace

How will you develop the brand in the future? What challenges await you?

The main challenge lies in raising awareness among people about our jewels and the value ​​they represent, at the same time, we are working hard to expand our distribution network, increase product research and development, and continue to better ourselves as individuals and young entrepreneurs. Our journey requires many sacrifices, but from these, we gain enough power to bring a “New Era” in this industry.

What advice do you have for all the young people who wish to embark on an entrepreneurial journey in this sector?

We recommend to young people like us, who wish to take on an entrepreneurial journey in the world of jewelry, to surround themselves with mentors, follow experts in the sector, who have contributed to its growth with their knowledge, and listen and learn from them as much as possible. We also encourage them to be curious and explore several kinds of jewelry manufacturing processes, to gain a clear understanding of what you want to convey in each creation. But above all, our wish is to truly believe in it until the end!

Huggies Erato Small (Silver)