Giulia Rossetti

Giulia Rossetti, Founder of GIÜRO

Giulia Rossetti is the creative soul of GIÜRO, a world made of lightheartedness, color and liveliness that she has translated into handmade jewelry with beads and colored threads. A childhood memory that the artist transformed into her “most beautiful projectand that unites her two creative souls: on the one hand GIÜ, which stands for GIULIA and recalls her free spirit, and on the other hand RO as Rossetti, an Italian institution of Made in Italy.

 How was your passion for jewelry born?

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where the love for design and fashion was in the air every day. Since I was a child, I’ve always had a passion for accessories and handmade goods, especially jewelry. One of my first childhood memories is when I used to spend my days creating jewelry with beads and colored threads and then selling them on the sarong on the beach, along with my grandfather.

What is your educational background?

After arts high school, I decided to follow my passion by attending the Jewelry Design course at IED, and then the Design and Applied Arts master at the Creative Academy of Milan. After my studies, I started collaborating with brands such as Gripoix in Paris, Giampiero Bodino and Marni. In 2018 I decided to embark on a new adventure within the family business, in the world of handbags. Now I run the leather goods/accessories department, where I enjoy mixing my creative and no holds barred language with the more traditional Fratelli Rossetti language. I think my greatest pride and gratification is being able to enter the company every morning alongside my father and uncles and give my contribution. From May 25, 2021, in addition to my role in Fratelli Rossetti, I manage GIÜRO, my world without rules, a place where I can completely express my creativity.

Campo di fiori collection

Your first jewelry collection, Campo di fiori, was born in 2020, during the first lockdown. How did you want to communicate hope to the world in such a dark moment, and what are the values that GIÜRO stands for?

During the first lockdown, to bring a little lightheartedness, joy, light and color in all the dullness of such an uncertain and frightening situation, I created and launched Campo di fiori. The success was bigger than I could imagine, so I decided to create a real brand. On May 25, 2021 GIÜRO was created to express my whole world. It was and still is without any doubt a great challenge, a mix of the most difficult and natural things I have ever done. I love to research, discover new things and take inspiration from everything that surrounds me: colors, scents, sounds and why not, also my moods. One of the fundamental aspects of my creations is that they are handmade. Creating a piece manually, being able to give shape to ideas and experiment with new things is truly magical. I am absolutely in favor of technology, especially in a field like jewelry that always needs to evolve and update, but in the case of GIÜRO it is the handwork and imperfection that makes each piece unique.

Necklace, Campo di fiori collection

GIÜRO represents the two sides of your creativity. Would you like to tell us something more about these two souls that identify you?

GIÜRO brings together the two sides of my personality: on one side Giulia (GIÜ), a free creative spirit, and on the flip side ROSSETTI (RO), an institution of (hand) Made in Italy. A kaleidoscope of ideas and emotions, a mix of handmade creations, colors, music and other inspirations selected with love to make people feel good.

How would you describe the fantastic world of GIÜRO with three words?

Color, lightheartedness, energy.

Sssempre collection

Is there a jewel or a collection you are particularly fond of?

Each piece speaks about me, what’s deep inside of me, what I love. From the first to the last piece, from the Giüroland playlist to Giüroscopo, the personalized horoscope that I update every month. My purpose is to create a universe of positivity and colors, of smiles and colored beads, where you can lose yourself even if just for a moment.

What are your plans for the future?

My wish for the future is to keep growing Giüroland and to see it more and more crowded and full of love. I would like to see it evolve by changing shapes, colors and dimension. I have a great fortune: my work is my passion. And I hope it will always continue to be my most beautiful project.

Utopia collection