Exceptional Stones by Chopard

Chopard scented roses

What moves the human heart is beauty, in all its forms. The beauty of a rare stone with magnificent colors. The beauty of a rose petal, delicate and strong at the same time. The beauty of a memory, evoked by a perfume that enchants all the senses and seems to stop time. Pursuing beauty is a mission, as demonstrated by Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard. Indeed, it is this tireless pursuit of beauty that gave life to Exceptional Stones, a rare and precious set of exceptional colored diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and tourmalines presented by the Maison on the occasion of the Paris Haute Couture Week.

The rare and precious collection of Exceptional Stones by Chopard

Caroline Scheufele’s passion emerges in every detail. Like the table of scented roses, on which the stones and drawings were presented, a reference to the flower that she holds dear. It is an invitation not to just observe a stone, but to live it through an experience that involves every sense, going beyond the tactile and visual dimensions. An exhortation to put your emotions into play to capture the essence of creations and stones that have a universe to tell.

Sketch, Yellow Ceylon Sapphire ring, Exceptional Stones by Chopard

Like the pair of yellow Ceylon sapphires, whose color almost recalls a warm ray of sunshine, a triumph of joy and liveliness, which will illuminate a ring and a cuff bracelet. The gems have the characteristics of the most precious Ceylon sapphires, and tell the story of this distant island, Sri Lanka, also known as the “Gem Island”. Or like the colored diamonds, in particular three pink diamonds and three green diamonds, destined to embellish a pair of earrings and a “You and Me” ring. Colored diamonds, long used by monarchs for royal regalia, are much less common than white diamonds, and give the world a rare beauty that needs a refined cut to fully reveal itself in all its brightness.

Pink diamonds, Exceptional Stones by Chopard

Among the jewels presented by the Maison, a great protagonist is certainly the white diamond necklace from which hangs a fancy intense yellow diamond of over 100 carats. “Because of my family’s history as jewelry specialists across several generations – says Caroline Scheufele – my life has been marked by encounters with the rarest gems. Impressive in size and captivating in color, this yellow diamond immediately caught my attention and our Maison is proud to present it today.” How can you not be fascinated then by the majestic necklace graced with sculpted rose gold, diamonds, and pink sapphire motifs? Inspired by the lace collars of 17th-century courtiers’ costumes, the jewel aims to recall the eternal bond between the artistic crafts of couture and jewelry.

Haute Joaillerie, Exceptional Stones by Chopard

Each of us would experience a genuine sense of amazement and wonder for the heady scent of a hundred roses. Similarly, the desire for beauty that finds perfect expression in the precious stones and jewels presented by Chopard is a universal feeling that unites. And at the end, we can say that Caroline Scheufele has achieved the most precious thing that exists: responding to a need of the world through passion, creativity, and excellence.

Laura Inghirami during the visit at Chopard for the collection Exceptional Stones