Jewelry and the daisy

Jewelry and the daisy

Spring has arrived and we want to celebrate it with some of the most fascinating jewels inspired by the daisy, which has always been a symbol linked to preciousness. The delicate beauty of this flower has often been a source of inspiration for the creation of romantic, gentle and refined jewelry. And wearing them evokes the same joy that pervades us when nature blossoms timidly, life is reborn and spring finally begins. What all the jewels that see the daisy as the protagonist have in common is the elegance conferred by the simplicity of this flower, so common yet so unique.

From the very beginning, one of the most important sources of inspiration for Van Cleef & Arpels has been the natural world, from whose observation the characteristic floral motifs were born. In the words of the Maison itself, immersing yourself in the Van Cleef & Arpels universe means experiencing “a dazzling, eternal spring”, in which “poppies commune with daisies, while lilies of the valley mingle with cherry blossoms, all transformed into jewels by the Mains d’Or™ in the Place Vendôme workshops.”

Damiani has made the daisy one of the most cherished symbols of the Maison. Inspired by the ring that the founder Enrico Grassi Damiani dedicated to the Queen of Italy Margherita in the early twentieth century, Damiani created the iconic Margherita collection. A combination of tradition and contemporary design that expresses harmony through the sweet lines of this little flower.

And Margot jewels could only be born from the excellent craftsmanship of Le Sibille. The finesse of the flower and the sinuosity of the petals find perfect expression in these jewels made with the ancient technique of the Small Roman Micro-Mosaic of which the company has been a master since 1990. The jewels are handmade by the best mosaic masters by inserting a micro-tile at a time and just like in nature, no flower is identical to another. Wearing them means celebrating spring as a symbol of rebirth, of revenge on the darkness of winter and on the fears of uncertain and difficult times.

The Daisy collection by Annamaria Cammilli is a hymn to the preciousness of the daisy. The historic Florentine Maison founded in 1983 has celebrated spring over time by giving life to creations that “reproduce the delicate elegance of a soft flower shaken by a breath of wind.” The bright and sophisticated jewels of the company are characterized by the quality, modernity and experimentation behind each element, from the shades of gold to the sculptural volumes.

With a decidedly pop touch, the daisies from the Dans Les Rues M’ama non ama collection certainly do not go unnoticed. The tradition of questioning a daisy on the correspondence of one’s love is brought back into a playful dimension with an original and innovative result, in which bright colors and intense contrasts are inspired by the cartoon world.