Jewelry and the butterfly

Jewelry and the butterfly

Among the subjects that the art of jewelry has always represented since its origins there is the animal world, with its incredible diversity. Artists of all ages have observed and drawn inspiration from nature and its creatures, from the most majestic and fearful to the most timid and fragile, like a butterfly. Symbol of transformation and beauty, the butterfly is characterized by the transience of its nature. This is why the jewel has captured its elegance, transforming it into an eternal and immutable gift. And the most refined jewelers have been able to grasp this animal’s lightness, which elevates the spirit and contrasts adversity. It is said that a flapping of a butterfly’s wings, with its delicacy, can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. We believe that this is true!

What is most fascinating about a butterfly is its absolute uniqueness. Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci, in 2018 gathered several collectors of particular objects to investigate the magic of their passions and offer an enchanting experience. Among the “obsessions” of collectors are cuckoo clocks, wigs, Ace sneakers and… butterflies. A collection of 1,400 butterflies, each beautiful and different from all the others, is still on display today at the Gucci Garden in Florence, and can only amaze the observer with its variety of shapes and colors.

Like all the creatures, the jewels of Le Sibille, made with the ancient technique of the Small Roman Mosaic, are unique. The butterflies that come to life in the Roman Atelier, whose wings are made up of tiny mosaic tiles arranged with great craftsmanship, are a hymn to the soul’s ability to fly high, and overcome every barrier of space, time, culture. The result is a triumph of color, sophistication, lightness. It is not only the elegance of the jewels that represent their essence, but the values that they communicate. They reflect excellence, knowledge, tradition, innovation, universal love.

Together with Le Sibille we visited the “Butterfly Eden” inside the Botanical Garden of Trastevere, in the heart of Rome. In this enchanted place, located within the ancient park of Villa Corsini, hundreds of wonderful butterflies live. During the visit, Laura Inghirami wore the iconic Butterfly ring, to celebrate the charm of nature that is transformed into a jewel.

Damiani’s master craftsmen have been able to make the butterfly immortal in Animalia collection. In particular, the white gold ring with black diamonds, white diamonds, blue and light blue sapphires arouses amazement: the wings of the butterfly accompany the movement of the fingers of the woman who wears it, reproducing the natural twirl of the animal.

Butterflies, animals, flowers, fruits and natural elements of all kinds are part of the bucolic imagery of Les Néréides Paris, the French brand that is characterized by romanticism and poetry. The creations of the Maison are intended to enhance those who choose them through a discreet elegance: only those who know how to observe them carefully will be able to grasp their deepest beauty. In fact, attention to the smallest details is the distinctive feature of each jewel.

In via Manzoni 12, Milan, you can find Bijoux De Paris, the historic boutique where you will discover bijoux of all kinds, from the most classic and sophisticated to the most original and creative. Entering Bijoux De Paris is like reliving the elegance of the 1950s for a moment. It almost seems like you can still see Maria Callas, as she chose the jewels to match her diamond sets. It is not difficult to imagine the Divine trying a ring embellished with a choreography of butterflies…

Every time a butterfly meets a human gaze, it captures his amazement and leaves him incredulous. As the Latin author Pliny the Elder wrote: “Nature is great in great things but greater in small things”. And the same can be said of the goldsmith’s art: it is the smallest details, the most sophisticated subtleties that fascinate most. Perhaps this is why the butterfly, with its beauty, is one of the most celebrated symbols in jewelry of all time.