Brand Identity & Strategy ▸ We analyze the values and history of companies and help them to enhance their peculiar features and strengths through a brand identity strategy that makes them immediately recognizable and highly competitive.

Content Creation ▸ We create highly engaging photo and video services that are in line with the identity of the companies. The artistic direction of Donna Jewel stands out for its sophistication, innovation, originality.

Social Media Management ▸ We make the best jewelry companies stand out by translating their identity into the language of social media, bringing them closer to the public of the new generations. We create editorial plans for social media channels with a high level of engagement and we manage them directly by monitoring the relationship with followers and the growth.

Influencer Marketing ▸ We select the best stories of talent in the jewelry world and present them to the Instagram community @donna.jewel, which is composed of jewelry enthusiasts and industry experts from all over the world.