The most elegant historic jewelry stores in Milan

Milan: welcome to the most frenetic, modern, avant-garde city in Italy. It’s easy to feel immersed in history in cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, where every little detail seems to belong to a bygone era. Yet, even among the skyscrapers of Milan there are historical treasures, monuments and works of immeasurable value. But these riches are revealed to those who wish to discover them. For those who choose to stop time and carefully observe the streets of the centre, without being distracted by the hurried movement of passers-by, it is easy to come across historic jewelers and shops that have unique and fascinating stories to tell, stories of families and entrepreneurs who gave life to Italy as we know it today, home of beauty and ancient traditions.

Here is a selection of the most elegant historic jewelry stores in Milan:

Gioielleria Villa Milano

Via San Carpoforo 3

The history of Villa Milano began in 1876, thanks to the intuition of Benvenuto Villa, goldsmith, sculptor and alchemist (as well as winner, in 1889, of the gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris thanks to an innovative “cube” sculpture in decomposable silver that he designed). The fifth generation of the Villa family now carries on the jewelry store which has stood out for its quality, sophistication, innovation and tradition for more than 100 years. The boutique in the heart of Milan represents these values and welcomes visitors in an environment of absolute refinement.

Gioielleria Villa Milano

Gioielleria Pederzani (dal 1947)

Via Manzoni 29, corner with via Montenapoleone

Gioielleria Pederzani was born in 1947, after Second World War, in the period in which the Italian beauty was partly lost and hidden under the rubble: everything was still to be rebuilt. But courage has never been lacking to Italians, as well as to Mr. Gino Pederzani, who opened the shop that year. Gioielleria Pederzani, now run by the third generation of the family, has specialized over the years in the search for precious stones, and inside there is the Atelier where the specialized craftsmen skilfully create “important” jewels.

Gioielleria Pederzani, Milano

Bijoux De Paris

Via Manzoni 12

In 1953 Levi family inaugurated Bijoux De Paris in Milan, the historic jewelry store that offers bijoux with a classic and sophisticated style as well as fantasy and creative bijoux. Each bijoux is characterized by elegance, which is also reflected in all the details of the shop, from the refined windows to the black velvet bustiers on which the luminous parures rest. Here the Divine Maria Callas used to come to choose the bijoux to match to her diamond sets before performing at La Scala. Almost 70 years have passed but the atmosphere of the shop and the style in the selection of the bijoux have remained the same. Bijoux De Paris is a magical place that certainly represents a fascinating piece of Milan’s history. 

Bijoux De Paris, Milano

Gioielleria Pennisi                                                                    

Via Manzoni 29

Entering Gioielleria Pennisi is like entering a world that encompasses different historical eras and distant cultures in a single, highly inspiring, and sophisticated environment. Founded in 1971 by Mr. Giovanni Pennisi, a diamantaire passionate about ancient art, the family-run jewelry store has specialized since the first years of activity in Chinese and Japanese art, and in the historical period that goes in particular from 1700 to the 1950s, with a special focus on 19th century French jewelry and the great names of Art Déco jewelry. For all collectors and lovers of beauty and antiquities, Gioielleria Pennisi in Milan is an unmissable stop.

Gioielleria Pennisi, Milano