Ondes et Merveilles de Chaumet

Ondes et Merveilles de Chaumet, installation

French poet Rimbaud recognized the union between the sea and the sun that illuminates it as the essence of eternity. And the Ondes et Merveilles de Chaumet high jewelry collection speaks of eternity: it is inspired for the first time entirely by the marine world, in all its manifestations, and expresses an ethereal and timeless beauty. The creations are presented by the Maison through a unique sensorial experience, in a game of lights and transparencies that leave the viewer breathless, as if he were magically immersed in marine waters into which the sun’s rays penetrate delicately from above.

“Mermaids’ song” necklace, Ondes et Merveilles de Chaumet

Sapphires, tourmalines, opals, emeralds, rubies, morganites, rubellites, garnets, topazes, corals, Tahitian pearls, spinels (the name of this mineral comes from Greek and means “spark”) reflect every shade of blue, light blue, green, orange of the sea and its most hidden treasures; white, rose and yellow gold and titanium illuminate the depth of the abyss from the sky and diamonds represent the shimmer of the water flowing over the gems. The gentle movement of the waves accompanies the viewer into a world of mystery and beauty and is immortalized by Chaumet’s craftsmanship in jewelry that expresses contemporary femininity. Like the On the Water’s Surface parure, in 18-karat white gold and diamonds, which reflects the gentle ripple of the sea touched by the wind.

Collana "On the Water's Surface", Ondes et Merveilles de Chaumet
“On the Water’s Surface” necklace, Ondes et Merveilles de Chaumet

There are three stages of the experience through which the Maison accompanies the spectator to discover the sea: Waves in motion, Shores from above, and A thousand and one sea dwellers.  Chaumet thus invites us on an itinerant journey “from waves caressing the water’s surface to underwater treasure hunts, ships in ports of call, and the currents of the Gulf Stream”. The warm ocean current is the source of inspiration for Gulfstream, the parure in 18-karat white gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, opals, chrysoprase, and Paraiba tourmalines, which pays homage to Chaumet’s distinctive art of color. And the Inks brooches recreate the tattoos of sailors. Each brooch carries an inspirational message, such as ‘Ne m’oublie pas’ (‘forget-me-not’), a phrase engraved on the gold ribbon of one of the jewels, embellished with a heart-shaped ruby, cut rock crystal, Grand Feu enamel, and diamonds. The creations were each presented inside a porthole, as in a boat, through an installation with a strong emotional value.

Brooch “Inks”, Ondes et Merveilles de Chaumet

“L’amour est une aventure” (“Love is an adventure”) recites another brooch, referring to an adventure across seas and oceans, distant horizons, rich in treasures, colors, and emotions. In search of a beauty that reveals itself to those who wish to embark on a journey, enclosed in majestic jewelry of great refinement, and reach hitherto unexplored boundaries.

Necklace “Gulfstream”, Ondes et Merveilles de Chaumet