the world of Daniela Garofalo’s emotional jewelry

Daniela Garofalo, Founder and Artistic Director of Lucedeimieiocchi

Today I’ll take you for a walk in Marechiaro. It is from the beach running along the old village that, in the blue of the sea, dominated by Vesuvius, you can admire the entire city of Naples, the Sorrento peninsula and “la signora”, better known in the world as the Isle of Capri. It is here that Daniela Garofalo, Founder and Artistic Director of Lucedeimieiocchi, took her daughter to walk and admire the beauty of the present moment. In response, her daughter got her to imagine holding that moment in a jewelry brand. This is the beginning of the story of Lucedeimieiocchi.

It all starts with a walk by the shore with your daughter.

That’s right, exactly two years ago. I remember that moment, which I define as magical, since the intuition of the name of our future jewelry brand was born precisely in that moment. First of all, Lucedeimieiocchi represents the love for my children. I have always called my daughter “luce dei miei occhi” because the love for one’s children is what makes us want to go beyond what we see. My children encouraged my passion for the world of jewerly and gave me the strength to chase it. The sea also played an important role: it represents Lucedeimieiocchi, whose symbol is a mermaid, like the splendid Partenope mermaid.

Your passion is strong and clear. Do you believe it is the key?

Yes, without passion nothing is possible. I am a person who, if passionate, puts the heart and soul in whatever she does. Indeed, It was passion which made us undertake this journey starting from a collection of silver jewels and four gold jewels. Today, two years later, we have reached more than eighty-five references and this is source of pride. Passion is young and it never gets old. This is also why I strongly believe in young people. It is no coincidence that our team is composed of young professionals, each in their own field. In fact, in young people I see innovation, courage and I feel their energy. And I always listen to them whenever I image and create a new collection.

Which are the values behind Lucedeimieiocchi?

The strong bond I have with Italy and with Campania region meant that, from the very beginning, all the creations were Made in Italy, created by hand by the best goldsmiths in the area. The fact that each piece has its own identity and is handmade makes every jewel unique, also in its imperfections, which I consider a symbol of uniqueness. My jewels are like a stage on the world: during my trips, I have drawn great inspiration to enhance my creativity and I have studied cultures, customs, colours, scents as well as sunsets. There is great attention for the poetic element of jewelry, since our wish is to convey the emotion we felt in creating it. This feature involves each step of the creative process, up to the packaging entirely handmade in Italy. Another fundamental value is the social commitment we have towards those who are less fortunate than us.

With regards to this, you have promoted many charitable initiatives with Lucedeimieiocchi, which are the ones that you particularly remember?

I remember them all, they were in fact wonderful initiatives, because they have humanly connected us to communities in difficulty that we have been able to help. In fact, I love being part of solidarity projects and being able to contribute whenever is possible. During the lockdown, for example, we joined the Orafo Italiano’s initiative in collaboration with Faraone Casa d’Aste to help the Community of Sant’Egidio. Furthermore, we created some collections whose gain was donated to the National Oncological Institute Fondazione Pascale in Naples.

How would you define the woman who wears Lucedeimieiocchi?

I’ll start by saying that to me there is nothing better than creating jewels for women. Every woman is unique and therefore she deserves a jewel that represents her. The woman who wears Lucedeimieiocchi is strong, fond of culture, research and innovation. She is also able to be moved by emotions, to dream, smile and love. With Lucedeimieiocchi we love to legitimize jewelry so that it can accompany women in every phase of their life. For this reason, the target of Lucedeimieiocchi is the ageless woman. In fact, it is wonderful to see women of all ages walking down the street wearing our jewels.

Anello Coquille
Anello Coquille

Is there a jewel you are particularly fond of?

Divinamente, the necklace dedicated to Florence. It is made of 18-karat pink gold, black diamonds and rubies, and it represents Dante’s Inferno. It is a tribute to the great poet, and a way to remind us our cultural heritage which is part of our DNA. Wearing Divinamente is like being the bearer of that legacy as well as feeling that culture on you. This year falls the seven hundredth anniversary of Dante’s death, and now more than ever we feel the desire to celebrate the artistic legacy which distinguishes us all over the world through our jewelry


Art, culture and experimentation…

Surely! Experimentation! We will be soon lauching a new collection made of 18-karat black gold, and besides this we will continue to experiment with stones such as kunzite, a very fascinating one discovered by Tiffany’s gemologist. But also prasiolite, rutilated quartz and amethyst: all stones which have charisma and energy and that are part of our Color collection. We have always experimented, also in the shapes, creating classic lines up to the most original. The Optical Chic collection, for example, recalls the style of the 70s design. Vivian & Krystle hoop earrings enchant with their perfect symmetries. The Waves and La Mer collections, on the other hand, with their shapes bring back to the sea, where everything originated: the first represents the waves, tireless; the second transforms jellyfish, fish, coral, shells into elegant jewels. And then there is Rosée, inspired by the dew that gently kisses the earth.

Collana Divinamente

Collana DivinamenteWhere is it possible to find your creations?

Today we mainly distribute in Italy. We are present in selected niche jewelers in the cities which are a symbol of Italianness in the world. Furthermore, we have our e-commerce site that ships all over the world from Naples.

 What do you wish for the future of Lucedeimieiocchi?

My wish always concerns women. I wish every woman to have that spark in the eyes. And I wish they choose Lucedeimieiocchi because it conveys emotions.

Thank you Daniela for sharing your story. It is an all-Italian story that comes from a walk by the sea and that from Marechiaro faces the world with its artisans. It is a story that was born to convey emotions to women. To make them feel unique, like the land where Lucedeimieiocchi was born.

Bracciale Rosée
Bracciale Rosée