Les Néréides

Les Néréides: beyond the boundaries of imagination

Collier plastron bouquet du jardin de Provence, Les Néréides

I recently went to Paris, where I had the pleasure of visiting Les Néréides, the historic French company founded in 1980 in Nice by Pascale and Enzo Amaddeo.

Pascale and Enzo created a brand that is still characterized today by its poetry and femininity, driven by the desire to convey a dream and an emotion, elevating the imagination and celebrating creativity. Today, the second generation of the Amaddeo family carries on Le Néréides with commitment and dedication. Pier Paolo Amaddeo and Valentina Amaddeo are at the head of the Artistic Direction, Bianca Amaddeo takes care of the visual identity, and Nina Amaddeo is in charge of managing the London store.

Créoles tiges couple de colombes et petites pivoines earrings, Les Néréides

The bucolic imagery of the Maison is composed of idyllic figures such as animals, flowers, and other natural elements such as the moon and stars. And each new collection is enriched with new inspirations. During my visit, Pier Paolo accompanied me to discover the latest creations. In particular, he showed me the Petit Jardin collection, an explosion of flowers and fruits that refer to his grandfather’s garden and the many secrets it kept. It is precisely the secret that is hidden in the Bague secrète panier tressé et fleurs de pavots opening ring that fascinated me the most: the jewel hides a small bouquet of freshly blossomed flowers. Like all Les Néréides jewels, it amazes through the smallest details, in which the utmost care is placed.

Bague secrète panier tressé et fleurs de pavots, Les Néréides

While Pier Paolo showed me his creations, illustrating their inspiration and peculiarities, I could breathe the great passion that accompanies his work every day. The creative process is particularly fascinating. Each jewel is designed in Paris. Starting from the first sketch, the idea takes shape more and more until each piece is made and hand painted with the enameling technique. Refinement, research, color: these are the ingredients of the Maison’s creativity.

Bague secrète panier tressé et fleurs de pavots, Les Néréides

The magic of the marine world is represented in the Le Grand Large collection. This collection hides small treasures to be discovered as well: the Bague secrète coquillage et crabe écarlate ring protects a small red crab and a blue crystal inside an openable shell.

Bague secrète coquillage et crabe écarlate, Les Néréides

The inspiration from the animal world reflects the deep bond with animals of Les Néréides, and its concrete commitment to the protection of their rights. In fact, the Amaddeo family started the charity foundation Les Néréides Loves Animals in 2015, in defense of sick, abandoned or abused animals.

Bague secrète coquillage et crabe écarlate, Les Néréides

And the Maison’s social commitment is now also aimed at sustainability. Indeed, Les Néréides recently decided to imagine the first eco-responsible collection in collaboration with the prestigious Académie des Métiers d’Art, proposing the students to express their creativity on this occasion. From this meeting, fascinating creations were born. It was a great honor for me to participate as a member of the jury alongside Les Néréides and Académie des Métiers d’Art.

As a conclusion, Les Néréides takes on the characteristic of the beautiful figures of Greek mythology, adorned with flowers and pearls, from which it takes its name: the ability to know how to continually renew and reinvent itself.

Laura Inghirami jury member for Les Néréides at Académie Des Métiers D’Art, together with Les Néréides team and Académie Des Métiers D’Art team, Paris June 2021.