JCK 2022

JCK 2022

This year JCK, operated by RX Global, celebrated its 30th Anniversary in the name of networking, entertainment, training, inclusiveness, and diversity: these are the key aspects that characterized the experience offered by JCK to the participants. In the interview with Sarin Bachmann, Group Vice President of RX Jewelry Group, and Jen Cullen Williams, Luxury Brand Group, we retraced the most important stages of an edition that many in the industry are calling “the best JCK yet”.


Sarin Bachmann, Group Vice President of RX Jewelry Group

What was the general sentiment during JCK 2022?

Sarin Bachmann: JCK 2022 was a real success, it exceeded expectations after a difficult period due to the health emergency. We reached the pre-pandemic participation levels of 2019 and indeed exceeded them. We breathed energy, enthusiasm to be all together again in presence, and optimism for the future of the industry. The experience was not just a business opportunity, but a moment of joy and fun, in which to get inspired, interact, and create important connections. From the participants we received absolutely positive feedback regarding the organization of the show, the numerous inspirations, the business that took place and the general mood of dynamism and liveliness.

What were the most important aspects and the main highlights of the show?

Sarin Bachmann: There were many stimuli and sources of inspiration at JCK. From the incredible enthusiasm to meet again in person, to the attention to innovation and new trends in the industry, to the entertainment moments offered by the show (for example the JCK Rocks event of Hamilton Remix followed by a high energy after-party on the dance floor). In addition, we created a cultural and educational experience, centered on values that are fundamental to us such as diversity and inclusiveness. In particular, this year JCK organized many initiatives and training talks on these topics, hosted an increased presence of emerging BIPOC designers, and for the first time sponsored the Black in Jewelry Coalition (BIJC) with booths in JCK’s Design Collective dedicated to six designers who are members of BIJC (Adore Adorn, Christian Stone, Jam + Rico, JNCY Jewelers, Made by Malyia and The Personal Jeweler).

Speaking of innovation, based on what emerged during JCK 2022, what direction is the jewelry industry taking and what are the new trends?

Jen Cullen Williams: The jewelry industry reflects the historical period we are living, a moment characterized by the desire to regain happiness and trust after a dark phase, in which it was no longer possible to meet and cultivate relationships with others in person. This is why today when we all come together, we want to wear exuberant jewels, characterized by bright colors (in particular, we saw great use of shades of green, the color of rebirth and hope) and by the element of movement, that expresses energy and vitality. In fashion, we talk about “dopamine dressing”, which refers to “dressing to attract and express happiness”. Jewelry reflects this trend. We witnessed the creation of jewelry with large diamonds, precious stones and pearls. Italian gold, with its elegance, was a great protagonist of JCK 2022 too.


JCK 2022

What was new in this edition, and what has changed compared to the previous one?

Sarin Bachmann: In 2020, due to the pandemic, JCK had to stop. In 2021 we returned but with caution, organizing a smaller show in August. This year, finally, we returned to a fair model similar to the pre-pandemic model of 2019. JCK 2022 was held at the beginning of June and saw large international participation. We were also delighted to welcome the return of AGTA to our GEMS pavilion at JCK. As in 2019, this year we gave great importance to creating an unforgettable experience. We intend to continue to do so also in the coming years, since we know that experience, which goes beyond business but also involves people from a human and cultural point of view, is fundamental, especially for the new generations. In addition to the numerous entertainment and inspirational initiatives, we offered participants the JCK Talks educational program, which saw industry experts addressing issues ranging from social responsibility to innovation in retail and marketing. For those who have not been able to attend the talks during the fair, it is possible to access the JCK Pro service to view many of the recordings and access a large amount of on-demand resources and information, insights, connections, and VIP experiences on site at JCK.

How many were the participants in JCK 2022, and from which parts of the world did they travel to Las Vegas?

Sarin Bachmann: We are very satisfied with the participation in JCK 2022. 30,000 people from all facets of the jewelry industry, 17,000 attendees, and over 1,800 exhibiting companies attended JCK and Luxury. 20% of the participants are international and come from 130 different countries around the world. These numbers confirm the renewed optimism for the future of the jewelry industry and the enthusiasm to meet again in person. Together we are building a bright future and we are sure that this is only a starting point towards even greater results.