Interview with Muriel Piaser

Interview with Muriel Piaser, Founder of PRECIOUS ROOM by Muriel Piaser

Muriel Piaser, Founder of PRECIOUS ROOM by Muriel Piaser. Photo Credit: Delphine JOUANDEAU

Muriel Piaser is the Founder of PRECIOUS ROOM by Muriel Piaser, a jewelry show that takes place in the beautiful frame of Palais Vivienne in the heart of Parisian Haute Couture. The show aims to enhance artists and design companies with a refined taste. There, you can find names of companies who work in the field of jewelry since tens of years together with emerging young names. This kind of approach also aims to create synergies among different realities that are international. The show takes place during the Haute Couture weeks of Paris (in January and in July) as well as during the pret-à-porter (March and September). This is because Muriel Piaser aims to offer a unique proposition for its partners according to their targets defining PRECIOUS ROOM by Muriel Piaser as “the meeting place for Fine Jewelry and High Jewelry Designer”.

We asked the Founder, Muriel Piaser, beating heart of PRECIOUS ROOM by Muriel Piaser, a few questions to learn more about her personality from her favorite color to an advice to all the new generation of artists and entrepreneurs!

If you were a color what color would you be? 

Black. Black is elegance. I love the French chic that is actually reflected in this color.

If you were an animal what animal would you be? 

The elephant. It is a creature that has a wild strength that I inherited from my mother, together with a sensitivity that has belonged to me since my childhood. It is the animal that touches me the most in the world and it is also a symbol of luck. It represents a fragile force that belongs to me.

What’s your mantra?

If you bring positivity you receive positivity. I come from the south of France where the sun is the protagonist as well as an inspiration of positivity for my life. I believe in the energy of people and I think that when you are positive you can bring out the best in others as well as attract their positivity. It is an endless circle, an energy to be injected into the world.

What would you say to Muriel Piaser of your childhood? 

I would say to have passion. To always believe in yourself. I’m a challenger, I love challenges, and giving up is not a variable I’ve ever taken into consideration. This is a message I launch also to all the young artists and entrepreneurs. You can do anything if you have passion and you work hard.

If you were a song what would you be? 

I would be Precious Little Diamond, a song by Fox The Fox which is also the song that inspired me for the name PRECIOUS ROOM by Muriel Piaser.

If you were a movie which one would you be? 

Out of Africa. It is a passionate film that always gives me many emotions.

A season? 


A plate? 

Pasta. I love the beauty and goodness of simple things.

An adjective? 


A name? 

Rocco. My son. The reason for my life. Work is important to me but one must never forget one’s loved ones. Family is everything.

Zodiac sign? 

Scorpio. It is passionate, sensual, and a perfectionist. It reflects me.

Your dream? 

I made it. My dream is my son. My dream is also the life I built as a business woman by consulting in the field of business development for the jewelry world and as Founder of PRECIOUS ROOM by Muriel Piaser.

A message to all young artists? 

Today it is necessary to have a great ability to adapt. It is essential to know how to mix storytelling with business, management, and design. And you need to have the courage to believe in your dreams without being afraid to step out of your comfort zone.