Gala Rotelli

Gala Rotelli, fondatrice di Gala Rotelli
Gala Rotelli, Founder of Gala Rotelli

Gala Rotelli is an architect who made architecture the starting point of the creation of a brand that tells the power of the creative process and the feelings held in objects. Through the study of space and its elements, jewelry becomes a decoration for the body and furniture becomes a decoration for the space where the body moves.

What was the process that led you to create your jewelry brand?

I have always been surrounded by beauty and creativity: my parents are both architects. I chose to study architecture because I was fascinated by design and I wanted to acquire the method, which I decided to apply to different areas. I began my career making decorations with glass and ceramics and then I started to create my first jewels. The design applied to small sizes, small quantities and raw materials that could be handcrafted with attention to every detail has always fascinated me. I created the first models for myself, designing rings that I loved to wear. Then I imagined the first earrings, the first necklaces, and I started selling my creations privately. Thus began the process of continuous evolution of my brand that has not yet stopped today. Besides my university career, I have always deepened my passion for art and design: I studied Modern Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, I attended the Design and Trend Forecasting course at Parsons School of Design in Paris and the advanced training course in Jewelry Design directed by Alba Cappellieri at Politecnico di Milano.


Frida charm
Frida charm

What are your sources of inspiration when you imagine a new piece of jewelry or a new collection, and what do you wish to communicate with your creations?

When I imagine a new creation, I always start from an emotion, a feeling, or from the inspiration that comes from objects related to the world of design and art, my passions. Behind each shape there is always a story that I want to share, a message that I want to send, compared to which the aesthetics of the object is secondary.

Follow the little light“: this is your mantra. What is the hidden meaning in this phrase?

I believe that every woman has a light in her soul. I refer to a metaphorical light that represents the most childlike and creative aspect of each person. I want to convince women that the power of creativity can make our inner selves stronger, and I would like my jewels to act as an amulet in this sense, both for their profound message and for their characteristic external brightness. It is essential to be able to find a space in our daily lives where we can feel free to express ourselves and explore the most creative part of us. I would like every woman, wearing my jewels, to remember how important it is to value her own inner light.

Bracciale Fontana
Fontana bracelet

What are the features that make your jewelry unique?

My jewelry is made of silver and bronze. The preciousness is not given by the material, it is given by the elements of design, shapes and volumes. In addition, each piece of jewelry is unique because it tells a story that is different from all the others.

How do you imagine the woman who wears your creations?

The women who choose to wear my creations belong to different age groups. Often, mothers share jewelry with their daughters. My customers are women who are keen on quality, craftsmanship, and the true value of the jewel. They are looking for something special and precious. Many times, I find that those who buy my jewelry share my same interests and have a sensitivity very similar to mine. This is why they understand my language and identify with my creations.

Orecchini Grape

Grape earrings

How do you imagine the future of your brand?

 At the moment I am happy that new opportunities and new collaborations are arising with other realities with which I am creating very interesting synergies, and I would like this to continue more and more in the future. In addition, I would like to keep pursuing the two worlds of jewelry and interior decoration at the same time. At the moment I am mainly selling my products through my e-commerce and private trunk shows, but in the future, I would like to reach a good positioning on international marketplaces.

Maxi orecchini Giotto
Giotto maxi-earrings