Drutis Jewellery

mother, daughter and a common passion for jewellery

Dana & Elena Drutis, cofondatrici di Drutis Jewellery
Dana & Elena Drutis, cofondatrici di Drutis Jewellery

Drutis Jewellery was born combining two passions and creativities, those of Elena and Dana, mother and daughter. The London jewellery brand, among all its values, puts family first.

The artistic taste of Elena and Dana is complementary: on the one hand, the mother loves classic and historical items, on the other hand, the daughter loves searching for innovative designs, fascinated by all that is atypical, unusual, particular and eccentric.

Combining the two identities proves to be successful and allows to create very original jewels. In fact, the source of inspiration for the brand are family heirlooms, for instance. This is a Drutis’ strength which overcomes generational differences, “bridging the gap between the present and the past” – according to Dana’s thought, and which addresses both to young and adult women, being able to fascinate them by arousing emotions.

Emotions, indeed. Because each jewel hides an important meaning. Like the Kaleidoscope, Drutis Jewellery’s masterpiece. A jewel which amazes all those who watch inside it. “It takes you back to childhood when everything was possible so that you can dream like a kid!” –  comments Elena. Drutis’ suggestion is to go back to being a child, to escape from monotony and to be inspired by the emotions that the Kaleidoscope can convey. The Drutis family has always collected kaleidoscopes, looking continuously for new inspirations. This is how was born the idea of creating the first kaleidoscope in the form of a functional jewel, to be added to the collection. Diamond Dreams Kaleidoscope is made on the outside of 18k white gold with diamonds, and on the inside there are rubies, emeralds and sapphires which create magical combinations when you rotate the jewel.

Caleidoscopio Diamond Dreams

On the other hand, Sea Dreams Kaleidoscope, inspired by the sea of the city of Odessa, in Ukraine, is made of 14k yellow gold and has multiple variants with aquamarine stones, corals, pearls, tourmalines and turquoises on the outside, while on the inside there are pearls, topazes, tanzanites, emeralds and apatites to remind the viewers of the colours of the sea. Its ends are interchangeable. Costumers have also the possibility to customize the jewel as they wish, for instance, by choosing the colour scheme they prefer. “Perhaps looking through its prism might reveal some of your dreams”.

Caleidoscopio Sea Dreams Corallo

 “Once opened Pandora’s box of ideas, we couldn’t stop!”. Therefore, starting from this creation, which is the emblem of the union between innovation and classicism, other jewels were born. Like Solomon’s Ring, equally fascinating. It is a kinetic jewel whose name is inspired by the legend of King Solomon’s ring, a magical ornament which would have given the wise Biblical King the power to communicate to animals. In the Emerald Growth variant, the ring is made of 18-karat yellow gold and its emeralds move along the band of the ring. Each time the wearer’s finger moves, the emeralds slide in turn. And here is where the message of the ring reveals itself: a hidden message dedicated only to its owner. Solomon’s Ring – Emerald Growth presents the words “This too shall pass”. The message can be customized according to the client’s wish, whether it is a phrase of particular significance or an important date, a personal memory for a special gift. Also in this case, Drutis creates forever-lasting jewels which will always be in the heart of those who receive them. But it does not end here, for the two designers nothing is left by chance: “The sound of the touching emeralds is therapeutic. Listen to it and you will feel pervaded by a sense of peace and calm”. In addition, Solomon’s Ring features two more variants: the former is in 18k white gold and rubies with the words “Full of Love”, and the latter in 18k white gold and opals with the words “Love is everything”.

Solomon’s Ring - Emerald Growth
Solomon’s Ring – Emerald Growth

In conclusion, the creations of Dana and Elena are undoubtedly creative and original besides being romantic. A personal and intimate journey for the wearer. After all, the brand manifesto of modern luxury states – “we dare to be different”. And those who have the courage to dare, especially if enriched by talent, walk the road to success.