Annamaria Cammilli

The name Annamaria Cammilli, in addition to representing one of the Italian jewelry excellences on the international scene, is an example of entrepreneurship and female emancipation, a model of strength and determination. The Florentine company, in fact, takes its name from its founder, who in 1983 gave birth to Annamaria Cammilli Gioielli.

Dune Collection

Annamaria Cammilli is a complete artist. She began painting as a child, coming to excel in painting and sculpture, and then approached the goldsmith art with her husband and her family of jewelers. She has never neglected her first passions, on the contrary she has taken the inspiration for her jewels from them. In fact, she has always created jewels characterized by three-dimensionality and sculptural volumes, as well as sophistication. Just as a painter expresses his imagination through his palette, the entrepreneur and artist invented eight different colors of gold. Alongside the jewels, the paintings and sculptures by Annamaria Cammilli still decorate the elegant rooms of the company and the boutique that faces Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

Laura Inghirami visits Annamaria Cammilli’s headquarters and art collection

The fifth generation of the family, represented by the children of Annamaria Cammilli, Riccardo Renai, CEO of the company, and Raffaella in the creative team, have given an international development to the company, always carrying on the distinctive values of quality, Italian style (each jewel is 100% Made in Italy) and unique and unmistakable style that characterizes the creations. This last aspect is given in particular by the special colors of 18-karat gold and the characteristic finish “Aetherna”, obtained through more than 35 years of research and specialization. The technique is a secret handed down over the years and sees the alternation of shiny and silky effects of the jewel, through an “eternal” finish as it does not change over time.

Ring, Couture Collection

A precious example of the “Aetherna” finish is represented by Dune collection: the creations feature the combination of the velvety effect of gold in the depths and the glossy effect on the edges. Dune is a modern and dynamic collection, which reflects a strong and sophisticated personality. The lines of the jewels “replicate the dynamism of desert dunes with the irregular curves and are enhanced by precious diamonds set in between soft motion effects.” Dune 914 ring in 18-karat gold with diamonds has become a real symbol of excellence for Annamaria Cammilli, so much so that the company has a 3D model that allows you to observe the soft lines of the jewel and the details that characterize it. The ring was reinterpreted in 2022 in a special “maxi” version with unprecedented volumes.

Dune 914 ring

Annamaria Cammilli’s path towards innovation is constant: recently Velaa collection, with its elegant design and its characteristic three-dimensionality, has been expanded giving life to Velaa Waves, with minimal and light lines, embellished with luminous rows of diamonds, and Velaa Color, which underlines the company’s love for color in an explosion of liveliness. That same vivacity that we also find in Dune Color, born from the encounter between Dune and the bright shades of Tourmalines, Peridot, Sapphires, Tanzanites and Diamonds that blend with the special nuances of gold by Annamaria Cammilli. The element of color also returns in Couture, the collection with which the company “goes further and further beyond the traditional boundaries of ready-to-wear, putting the experience acquired over the years at the service of unique high-end creations.” The whimsical gems, together with the creativity of the collection, make the woman who will wear them the absolute protagonist. There are numerous stylistic innovations proposed, as the creative process never ends.

Composition, Velaa Color Collection rings

The company inaugurated the Cammilli Academy this year, with the aim to offer Italian and international retailers an immersive journey into its origins and values, and throughout the journey that gives life to jewels, from the initial inspiration to the realization. Here real training courses are organized and guests are welcomed in a space that reflects the elegance and modernity of Annamaria Cammilli, immersed in the Tuscan landscape. Because the bond with the territory and its beauty is one of the fundamental values of the company.

Cammilli Academy

Annamaria Cammilli, with her successful story, not only creates jewels with a strong and refined identity. She offers all women an example to follow. And wearing the company’s jewels means being the bearer of a history of Italian excellence through a modern and sophisticated style, secrets of the goldsmith’s art, and a strong personality.

Laura Inghirami visiting Cammilli Academy